Yocto / Legato / mangOH trees not integrated


so while digging deeper through the design of things i am finding that we are dealing with 3 separate trees/repos


now I do know that yocto has a mechanism for including legato based on path… yocto/legato
i also see a yocto/meta-mangoh … its become cumbersome to do complete image builds with all kernel, mcu, apps, all onboard in one image

So why is is this isnt more integrated or have i missed something.


The mangOH team has been focused on building Legato systems on top of pre-existing yocto builds. I don’t think anyone on the team has tried to build a complete yocto image that uses mangOH code as well. Maybe it’s something we should look at adding support for.


for me and im sure other who might have been running into issues and doing complete builds for their projects/products it can be a bit frustrating to have to manage three trees… personally ive seen it all and honestly, yocto itself and open-embedded werent all that bad… at least until i encountered the mangOH and then things went into a tail spin… i understand that there is a time to market and things, but when you respin something normal to the point its abnormal and unmanageable people might just start running away because your increasing their development time. streamline it, get it to conform to what users are used to, and lastly, better documentation would be a big help… i can pitch in but ive also go real work to do. i dodnt even see a “wiki” where users can add/edit/create guides to deal with things and document findings for others. nice board, great design… i can see a big future for the mangoh until you crush it with making developers jump through hoops to accomplish anything. now im not trying to nash you, im just trying to make everyones life a bit easier with ideas that occur to me.


Hi Dingo,

Thanks for your perspective. The immediate item we will look at is to provide a “Wiki for mangOH users” that they can use to add their experiences/detail build steps/add tutorials etc.