Yocto for firmware 0.4.0?


I noticed that the new firmware 0.4.0 has some stuff that is now bundled inside the Yocto Linux distribution, e.g. the cywifi driver. Where can I obtain the Yocto distribution for building this? (I need to add a few custom packages). I’m currently using the “Linux Distribution” download from release 12 of the WP77xx firmware components:


Is there an additional layer being added on top of this for the new mangOH Yellow changes in 0.4.0?


Hi @dougbrown,

In addition to the “Linux Distribution” download for release 12, you also need the meta-mangoh layer. Just clone that into the top level directory.

Alternatively, if you register for access to gerrit.legato.io, then you can make use of the repo tool and this manifest for 0.4.0 for wp77 to get everything you need.

Thank you very much @dfrey!

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