Yellow's Antenna Solution?

Any more info available on the yellow’s antenna solutions(s)/implementation ??

Yellow datasheet says cellular, GPS, wifi, BT antennas all integrated. Yet the latest pictures seem
to show a single Fractus FR01-S4-224 antenna on top and 3 U.FL connectors on bottom (labeled
main, Div, GPS).

And am wondering what the efficiency of the on-board cellular antenna will be in the
low freq LTE bands (700 MHz) with the small GND plane of the yellow. (100mm length
is recommended by Fractus but yellow is only 65mm)


We provide ufl antenna for all the on board wireless (cellular, wifi, bt, gps, and NFC).
We also provide on board antenna for all the above. But note the cellular antenna is only for developmental purposes as the board size is not big enough.
For the rest, there is no real restriction due to board size.