WP8548 R15 firmware - build mangOH failed


For user of WP8548

Release R15 is now available from sierra website.

Toolchain has been changed.

I’m able to build latest Legato (17.11.0) and linux distro.
I have tested this firmware with my applications and all work fine.

Unfortunatly, the build of the mangOH repo failed with this toolchain.
I don’t know who manage this.



Hello Francis,

I followed this thread also :

I use Ubuntu 16.04 and I followed mangOH Red Getting Started.

I have build legato 17.11.0 and mangOH platform.

But any time it try to download anything to my mango Red Board, the board reboot 2 times and remove my updates (restoration process …)
It happens with :

  • mangOH Red platform update
  • Firmware R15 download
  • Hello World program Update

Do you have any Idea of How I can fix this ?




Please use the R14 firmware.

Toolchain installed on the linux VM is for R14 and not for R15.

If you want to use R15 firmware you must remove old tool chain, install new toolchain, rebuild legato 17.11 and install it into your target. But mangOH build (make red_wp85) failed with this toolchain.

Use the R14 firmware with legato 17.11.


OK, I have downloaded the combined image for R14 and now it’s working for HelloWorld :slight_smile:

I will try other code samples now.

Best regards Francis !


Ok good news !