WP8548 module missing in the development kit



I finally got my Mangoh development kit however WP8548 module was missing. Below is the link for the development kit that I ordered, it says that CF3 module is included.


There is however a note saying “WP samples can be ordered seperately”

Is this normal? or should I contact my farnell distributor?



I was going to pull the trigger and buy 2 BUT if the WP8548 is missing then sadly I won’t bother.

Can anyone confirm please? it’s sad that there’s no reply.


The kit is sold with 2 options: starter kit & board only. Either way you module is available for purchase at E14. Please contact E14 for any misunderstanding on this topic. If there is no response back please let us know.


@ Rifo …sorry to hear that you did not receive the WP module with your kit. Would you be good enough to call/text me on the following number pls so I can get this resolved for you asap (+44 785 085 1119).



Today I was contacted by farnell, regarding the missing module, they said that they’ll be sending it soon.

thanks again for your efforts