WP8548 data not connecting



I am using the mangoH Red with the WP8548 module. I am located in Lebanon (EMEA).

I can send SMSs and I cannot connect to the data network.

The profile’s index is 1, the APN is mms, the PDP Type is IPV4V6 and it is not connected. When I issue the cm data connect, all is fine until the module connects and then it fails with connection failure: LE_FAULT.


  1. does the module work in the EMEA region (it is supposed to be global)?
  2. if it works in the EMEA, why does it not connect?

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What sim are you using? Please provide the output of cm radio before doing cm data connect.


Hello dfrey,

I am using a local sim from the alfa operator. The sim provided by Sierra Wireless does not work as well.

Below is a snapshot of the cm radio command


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Hi there… I am facing exactly the same problem, using a local SIM because the one provided by Sierra Wireless doesn’t work here… is there a solution for this problem?


if Sierra SIM is not in the regions that it is sold for, then you will need to use your own SIM.


Thanks… I am using my own SIM, and I have network service, but cm data connect command fails. the same problem Pierre had, not sure if his problem was resolved as it might resolve mine too


can you do
logread -f
and share the log files?


I can’t upload files because I am a new user… how can I attach the file?.. copy and paste the whole output is too big


just repeated the problem and this is the log…


is fixed… for the record and potential future references… the issues seems to be that Windows was controlling the MODEM, once I disabled “Mobile” connection in the Windows the problem went away

thanks anyways for the quick response