WP85 Maximum UART Baud Rates

What are the maximum UART baud rates for UART1 and UART2 on a WP85 module? The “Product Technical Specification” doesn’t talk about this at all.


Since it is firmware controlled if you send at+ipr to UART1 this will tell you the rate for the signalling firmware which handles the AT commands. For legato (so UART2 by default) you use the tty API and the baud rates are described here, looks like it goes to 4Mbps




I have tested /dev/ttyHS0 at 4Mbps. This is UART1 over the raspberry pi connector on mangOH Red. Module is WP7700 but this shouldn’t make a difference.

@mlw Thanks for the link.

@pinst Were you using flow control when you were testing UART1 at 4Mbps? I take it you haven’t tried this with UART2?

Not using RTS/CTS if that’s what you mean. As far as I know there is no direct external connection for UART2, it’s routed to uUSB1 or the WiFi chipset only.