WP7702 & WP7606 USB host config

Hello everyone,
Our MangOH Yellow board is an early release then we are waiting to get the Official Board. We ordered a mangOH Red while waiting for the new board.
I was wondering if this configuration would work.

Having a mangOH red sending the RedSensorToCloud to our display board for UI Processing.
Very soon we will try with MangOH Yellow and RENFELL USB HOST IOT Card.

We would to have your advice or recommendations for things to keep in mind.


Hi christiantoe,

I guess it depends on the display board, does it run specific OS and what USB profile is supported?


Hi @lotam,

The display board uses just FreeRTOS and GUI. It support USB HID and can act like a keyboard.
The subject is well documented from ST
I think (guess) it simplify data transfer both side.

Thanks for the reply


Hi Christian,

Thanks for the info, in case it runs FreeRTOS, I assume it can communicate with WP7 via CDC-ACM or CDC-ECM over USB.
WP7 can works as USB host or USB client, it depends what is supported on FreeRTOS and your implementation.


Hi @lotam,
We will go with the CDC-ACM instead of HID,

we I will try it in the following days