WP7702 Reserved Pins

Regarding the WP7702 module “reserved” pins, they’re being used in the mangOH red board, but are undocumented. Does anyone have the correct documentation available?

Can you provide a specific example?

Here’s one example. According to page 112 of the WP7702 datasheet, pins 55-58 are reserved. Furthermore, footnote “h” on page 116 claims these pins are not even connected internally. Yet on page 2 of the mangOH red schematic, these “unconnected” pins are being used for UIM2.

Please correct the datasheet, and fully document all pins.

mangoh red works for WP85,76,77 modules. Basically for all WP CF3 modules as well as some HL modules.
We dont build product for one module itself.
What you highlight is due to the fact that WP85/75 support two SIM interfaces while WP77 only supports one external interface.
When in doubt, check the product PTS for specific information. We highlight this in our documentation:

Table 1-2: Interface Variations (mangOH vs CF3 Specification vs WP Series Modules)