WP7702 no I2C addresses

I use mangOH red with processor WP8548 and I do not have issues with I2C line. One of our customers reported problem with I2C line. He also uses mangOH red but with processor WP7702. His unit does not detect I2C addresses. He has got latest firmware installed 18.06.3. Can someone tell me what is wrong with the unit?


You are not running the commands from embedded Linux but from PC (SMBus PIIX4 is a PC bus).
The answer of “i2cdetect -l” on WP76xx is:
# i2cdetect -l
i2c-4 i2c MSM-I2C-v2-adapter I2C adapter

It should be similar on WP77xx.

Obviously! I have not paid attention for this. Thanks Jay.