WP7702 how to enable ethernet IoT card?

I have a mangoh red with a wp7702 module, everything is pretty much set up and each step in the getting started guide has been completed successfully. Now I have an ethernet expansion card made by Talon Communications for the IoT CN306 header and I have placed the card in the slot however I do not see an LED showing for the card detect, it is completely unrecognized, how can I get this card up and communicating. I would like to send UART data from my raspberry pi to and from the mangoh red to another mangoh red using LTE and the AirVantage cloud server.

please see here:

You might also add the following to start the card:

echo 2 > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio2/direction
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio2/value

I am stuck on step one of the forum post you referred me to:

After typing in step 1:
root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# scp ./scripts/cfg_gateway.sh root@

I get an error message

Host ‘’ is not in the trusted hosts file.
(ssh-rsa fingerprint md5 90:43:bc:3c:49:99:d8:f4:a0:b0:45:cd"d6:d4:d0:be)
Do you want to continue connecting? (y/n) y
./scripts/cfg_gateway.sh: No such file or directory

However the cfg_gateway.sh file is in the directory Home/mangOH/scripts and there it is cfg_gateway.sh

Can you please help me fix this problem?

you should run the scp in Ubuntu PC to transfer the file to module /tmp folder.

I am not sure how to do that. I read the scp instructions to use this command and it states to copy a file from a local to a remote system run the following command:
$ scp file.txt remote_username@ /remote/directory

so I wrote the command with my details:
$ scp cfg_gateway.sh cadams@VADR-LPT-CADAMS: root@

and still got an error message– root@ No such file or directory.

Can you please explain how to do this, maybe an example of how to write the command?

I believe I finally got the file copied to the mangoh red by going to the actual location of the file and copying the directory address and pasting it in the command, however after ssh’ing into the red and running the command # ./cfg_gateway.sh I get this error:

-sh: ./cfg_gateway.sh: Permission denied

How can I fix this? Please

Welp I have solved it again…
The reason my permission was denied is due to me only having read/write permissions on the cfg_gateway.sh file. I fixed this by ssh’ing into the device, changing the directory with # cd /tmp, then using the checking my permissions using the command # ls -l, when I saw that I did not have execute permission on the file I gave myself permission by using the command # chmod u+x cfg_gateway.sh. The u stands for user, the + stands for add, the x stands for execute. Read this page if you would like to learn more about giving permissions to read/write/execute certain directories or files

@jyijyi When I type echo 2 > /sys/class/gpio/export I get an error saying
bash: /sys/class/gpio/export: Permission denied

How do I get around this?

What is the return of

ls /sys/class/gpio

Also what is the return of the AT command "AT+wiocfg? "

Here is what I get after typing ls /sys/class/gpio

Here is what I get after typing AT+wiocfg
Screenshot from 2020-08-16 12-30-00

Are you typing " ls /sys/class/gpio "in pc?