WP7702 at!entercnd & registration issues

Hi there, this is an easy one. After surfing the MangOH forum and that from SierraWireless I have only seen one modem password which doesn’t work for my unit, see attached. Please let me know if I missed something while reading or where can I get this one as I guess you all have it. Thank you!


  • Modem password over AT still unknown (see above post). Skipping for time beeing.
  • Main (and GNSS) anthenas are connected. Recieved LTE power at MangOH of -112dBm. cm radio gives a “No signal strength (0)” at the time that keeps trying to register (?) almost an hour after first cm radio on. Really 0 (zero!) signal 2G or LTE signal strength? I’ll keep wating and trying.

Any one any idea? Thanks.

Ok, swapping the card gives a Signal strength of 3 and I am already registered. I will try again latter with the Sierra Wireless card.