WP7700 cellular certifications for custom product



The WP7700 lists AT&T and planned Verizon certifications. Is that end device certification (like Digi or Nimbelink), or would we still need to end-device certify a custom product using the WP7700?

If we need to end-device certify our product, does anyone know what the process looks like with Verizon, and how much it might cost?



Hi Cliff, I work with the inside sales team at Sierra Wireless. In specifics, it’s true that our WP7700 has regulatory, government, and carrier approvals. However, it’s also true that you would be required to get your own approvals on your host device when using an embedded module. The upshot is that you can leverage our approvals when applying for your own approvals, effectively skipping nearly to the finish line. This would be the same of any of our modules, or those from any of our competitors. We’ve asked one of our regional sales managers to introduce you to our local distributor and they’ll be the best primary contact to offer you some pricing, support and availability of the WP7700 to ensure you transition to a successful prototype with our module. We’ve got a great document available for you on IoT product certification and it addresses some of the regulatory and carrier approval processes. Here is the link: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/application_notes_and_code_samples/airprime---iot-product-certifications-in-north-america/ Our distributor can offer you a more detailed quote for the process of your host device receiving carrier approval with Verizon. Hope this helps!