Wp76xx update not working

the update command doesnt work after ive done the make red_wp76xx command. so
i used the scp command, moved the file to tmp folder of the module, and in module console did: update tmp command
the update ran, but app status doesnt show redSensorToCloud as noted in the manual

any suggestions would be appreciated

how about “update /tmp/red.wp76xx.update” ?

it says its not a directory

i have found my error: i didnt run cfglegato before update command. the update worked, using the red.wp76xx.update file, and as noted in the manual, SUCCESS and Done were printed on the console. However, app status command still does not show the app redSensorToCloud. should i proceed anyways considering the update was a success?

You should see logread to see what happens

As @jyijyi mentioned, you should run logread -f before beginning the update. That way you can see any error messages that are printed as the update is applied. The “SUCCESS” and “Done” messages are somewhat misleading. I believe they just indicate that the update payload has been passed to the update daemon. It doesn’t indicate that the update has been applied successfully.

“update /tmp/red.wp76xx.update” Try this

use scp command and try again