WP76xx AT-Command set request



I would like to control WP76 series module via AT command.
How can I get this document?




There is currently no document available that describes the AT commands of the WP76. I expect that the commands will be very similar to the wpx5xx series. There is a document describing that command set available on source.sierrawireless.com under “AT Commands Guide” linked from this page.



Thanks & note.

"The commands will be very similar to the wpx5xx series."
I am afraid that AT-Command has some different of WP76xx with before.

Anyway Thankyou



BTW, I try to use RTC function of module.
e.g. at+cclk
But not success.

Anybody know this?
Please share your comment to me.




This document is what you’re looking for I think:


Dear ALL

I have checked airprime_wpx5xx_wp76xx_at_command_reference_r3. However I still don’t know how to access(read & write) the RTC of WP76xx.

Please point out the location to me.

Thanks a lot.