WP7610 set to B66 through legato API

I am working on recording cell phone parameters using the MangOh red loaded with a WP7610. I have been using the le_mrc_interface.h to query things like the EARFCN of the module. I would like to set the bandmask for the module to only use band 66, but it doesn’t seem that the legato API supports this.
I have been looking in this module:

Specifically at this verbage:
" le_mrc_SetLteBandPreferences(), le_mrc_GetLteBandPreferences() let you set/get the LTE band preferences by using a bit mask built with le_mrc_LteBandBitMask_t .

The LTE band preferences can be 0 to 43 except 15, 16, 22, 23, and 26 to 32."

Is it possible to set the LTE band mask to B66?

Have you tried with at!band command first?

I have. It resets when I use the Legato commands. So when I query le_mrc_getServingCellEarfcn() I get 1050. Even though I have configured the at!band command and at+kcell=0 returns an earfcn=66583.

“It resets when I use the Legato commands”

What command are you using?
How about setting at!band again after using the commands?