WP7608/WP7608-1 usage in India



Has this been tried by anyone in India? What are the 3G/LTE AP configuration details?
Other question on the third party SIMs - who are the service providers in India suited for this? Can we use any data SIM from the providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance JIO, etc.

Please share your experience if someone happened to go through this use-case.

I believe this works with mangOH on-board Wi-Fi module in STA+AP mode



Some experience on using non-Sierra Wireless SIMs with AirVantage here: mangOH Red vs. 'X' Operator SIM


I had used Airtel SIM and setting the airtel apn settings.


Hey @wiless, that’s good news. I will be getting the mangOH-red this week, I will connect back soon.