Wp7608 uart1 & uart2 configuration



we would like to use the wp7608 uart interfaces as following

  • uart2 for the linux console
  • uart1 for the rs485 communication.

Hence we would like to know how we can configure the baud-rates of the above uart’s in linux to check the maximum speed that they can support for our custom application.

Any inputs on this topic is greatly appreciated.


Hi ,

Any inputs on this topic ?




To config uart1 for the linux console, it is possible.
However uart2 for the rs485 communication, may be done by linux application.

For baud rate, I have no idea.



I checked on the mangOH board,

  • Uart 2 (ttyHSL1)– Linux system console operating at 115200 baud rate.

We would like to change the baudrate from the bootloader parameters and check the maximum supported speed .

As I dont see there is no access to boot loader environment to change the boot parameters. Can some one suggest the better approach to check the various Uart speed

  • Uart 1 (ttyHS0)– Used for custom application operates at 9600 baud rate.
    As, Uart 2 supports 115200 speed , am I correct in saying the Uart1 also can supports the same if we configure this correctly in software. Please let us know if there are any spec differences between Uart1 & Uart2




Can some one suggest some inputs to make a progress on this topic



I had verified/tested the uart1 baudrates to various configuration, using stty from linux & connecting pin12 & pin 13 pins of iot card to PC serial port. Its working as expected.


Hi Stirulaka

Do you need config baud rate of UART1 before test?