WP7608 mangOH Red UART1 usage


Hi ,
I am very new to mangoH Red WP7608.
My question is,
can I use the UART1(in app mode) (on raspberry pi connector) to interface to a sensor and get data and send data(UART1 sensor) to Airvantage cloud continuously.

I am asking because,
is UART1 is used as AT cmd interface to communicate to WP cellular module.

please help.


Hi epsragh,

Please try AT command AT!MAPUART=17,1 then AT!RESET to allocate UART1 for Linux use.
Or you can set via device management with Developer Studio.

Please refer to AT cmd guide for details:



Thanks for the reply,
If I use UART1 in Linux Use mode , will my GPS and Cellular modules work properly(WP7608).

I am asking because I am under the assumption that GPS and Cellular modules use AT commands Interface (UART1 in “atCmd” mode) .

please help


Hi epsragh,

It really depends on your use case if you use AT cmd over UART1.
After mapping UART1 for Linux/App use, the modem and GPS feature will still work and you still can access modem AT interface over USB, for example.

And if you want, you can restore the setting via AT cmd (!MAPUART) or devstudio any time.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the Info.
Currently, I am collecting sensor data on UART1 interface with “app Mode” configured using “uartMode” command and simultaneously I am trying to get GNSS TTFF fix via legato gnss serivice, many times I see GNSS TTFF fix taking long time or never fix.

I am I missing anything, please help.


What makes you think is has anything to do with UART1?

Have you tried the GNSS alone - without using UART1 and your sensors?

Are you in an area with good GNSS signal? ie, not indoors?

Do other GNSS devices work well in the same location?


Thanks for the reply,
I have posted my problem here.

What makes you think is has anything to do with UART1?
Ans: I think because Cellular module requires an AT command interface(UART1 only, not UART2 because does not have atcmd mode) to communicate to cloud or get gps location, so my app is using gnss and Cloud servicse and UART1 in app mode to get sensor data also. I think , my read/write to sensor via UART1 (/dev/ttyHS0) is affecting GNSS/Cellular module.

please correct me if I am wrong



If you’re using the Legato API to communicate with the GNSS, then you’re NOT using one of the UARTs to communicate with the GNSS engine.

Try a different antenna. I’ve had trouble in the past with different combinations of WP modules, GNSS antennas and the mangOH red.

Do you get a GNSS fix if you remove your UART sensor hardware, but leave the code opening the UART interface in place?

ciao, Dave


If I keep /dev/ttyHS0(UART1) open and try gnss fix I will never get GNSS fix.

Antenna : do you have anything in mind so that I can buy.

Thanks for the Info


See the reply by @davidc

As I said, you can prove it for yourself: can you get a GNSS fix without your sensor stuff?

If your GNSS problem persists without your sensor stuff - then it clearly isn’t caused by your sensor stuff!


ANS: _I can get without my UART1 sensor , but with UART1 sensor file descriptor open I will never get GNSS fix, so I suspected GNSS module uses UART1(which is not by reffering @davidc ).
still i do not know why i do not get GNSS fix with my UART1 Open.



As @davidc says, the Legato API does not use the UART.

So are you using the Legato API?


for GNSS and Cloud I am using
positioningService.le_gnss av , services call.
for uart1 I am using open, read,write

Thanks for the reply.