WP7608 lost ecm0 IP address after reboot


I have been using the Mang0H Red board with the WP7608 SOC, and have been hitting a wall on the following issue: after a while (a few days, with board rebootings, AT commands, ssh sessions and whatnot), the board loses its IP address on the ECM interface, and a reboot does not solve the issue.

After the problem happens, I can connect to the board using the debug USB interface (console), and can see with an “ifconfig” that the ecm0 IP address is no longer configured. Doing an “ifconfig ecm0” or even a “/etc/init.d/bringup_ecm.sh” solves the issue, but after a reboot, the IP address has disappeared again.

I have been putting a few “ifconfig” in the init.d scripts, to check what script could cause the issue, but it appears that the address does exist until the end of the booting scripts sequence (S99…).

I could probably flash the WP back to factory settings, but 1. I would like to understand what caused the issue, in order not to repeat it, and 2. I am using the Mang0H as a model for another system that does not have the debug port available, and this issue would be much more critical on that system.

I have been looking at this topic about losing the IP address, but the issue is not the same (more DHCP related), as well as this topic about an inaccessible WP7603, but their fix (removing dnsmasq conf) didn’t solve the issue either.

Kind regards