WP7607 issues with MangOH red board (rev 5)


Can you help me with some issues that I encoutred with WP7607 on a mangOH Red. In fact I succeded to configurate both wifi and bluetooth with the IOT shield on mangOH Red with WP8548. Since we need to use the WP7606, I removed the WP858 chips and installed the WP7607, instead. I noticed that the ATI port is no longer availabe in the perepherics More than that I could not flash the official firmware from sierrawireless website neether to access it with ssh interface. Can you please help me with this.

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I tried with a new WP7607, I installed it in the shiedl then I access to it via ssh interface. Every thing work fine, until I made a firmeware update with the official relaese R7.0.1 (Generic — GCF) . After that I noticed that the WP7607 is rebooting in a loop !!! Any one have an idea about what is hapening. Thank you.

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where did you get this module from? I am wondering whether it is properly configured or not. BAsed on what you say and what i see, it might not be.
Can you share the logfile?

log.txt (305.2 KB)

Hello Asyal,
We got the chpis from SierraWireless under the manufacturer P/N : 1103529.
You will find the log in the attached file. Thank you.