WP7607-1 - infinite bootloop when disconnect main antennas LTE


Hello all,

I use WP7607-1 and MangOH Red. Firmware R9 / Legato 18.05.1.

When I disconnect the LTE antennas (MAIN CN301) the system reboot in infinite loop.

I have only a avcController installed (no applications).

If I reconnect the infinite loop stop.

Any idea ? I will publish the log next week the board is in test for the moment.


Hello Francis,

My team has already encountered that kind of problem with different modules (WP7607 and WP8548) when we disconnected antennas while the board was still running. This move could create some current which makes the board ‘crazy’. So the solution would be always power board off when we want to put antennas on or off.
If other may know more, I am also curious to hear about it.


can you show what you see in logread -f ?


Yes I will put the log on Monday.
Good week end