WP7603 Shutdown Loop


I’m using a WP7603 and I’ve ran into an issue where I have an app misbehaving and entering shutdown almost immediately upon running. I can get the device into bootloader mode and I can re-flash the device. This however doesn’t touch the user space. Is there any way to disable the application or reset the user space to a default state?


After some more investigation the swiflash utility in theory should be able to restore the root file system but for some reason does not have support yet for WP76XX modules. Is this the only way to essentially “factory reset” a module or is there another way?


Can you set the app to manual start?


The problem is that the device starts running the app and therefore the shutdown sequence before I can even log into the device via SSH or the UART console.

Is there a way to mount and/or modify the filesystem from the bootloader or otherwise keep the device from shutting down?

Is there a firmware update method that can also rewrite the filesystem to a default state?


You can pull pin 7 up on SW401. Power up the unit and do the firmware update.


Hi @drewwestrick

At the moment, swiflash indeed doesn’t support the -r option for WP76.
We’re working at removing this limitation ASAP in a future swiflash version.

In the meantime, a workaround could be to downgrade to previous image, then upgrade again to the current version. This will not reset the user space, but at least it will install the default Legato system (and your faulty app will be removed).
(Unfortunately, flashing again the same firmware image would have no effect on the user space, because default Legato system is installed only if you install a different version)



Thank you for the insight. I will go ahead and give that a try this morning. I did think it was odd that the a firmware update didn’t modify or reset the user space at all. I guess it makes sense though if the firmware version doesn’t change. I will let you know how it goes.


I’ve tried to flash Release 5 using both the EXE and Developer Studio. Both methods result in the error below. Seems to be complaining about the flash image not being signed. Any advice?

B - 864055636 - image type FILE not signed
B - 864056063 - BOOT_HOLD=7,DOWNLOADER=boot,VERSION=9999999_9907152_SWI9X07Y_02.06.02.00_00_GENERIC_002.002_000,TYPE=SPKG,SUBIMAGE=FILE,SUBIMAGE=SPKG,ERROR=Flash write failed: Secboot image not signed (0X91),STATUS=FAIL


Mmmm, maybe flashing a full Firmware image is not that a good idea…
Maybe you can give a try by flashing only the legatoXX.cwe file (Release 5 one, then Release 6 again)



Where would I go to get only the .cwe file? Is there some way to extract that from the full firmware file?


You can grab them:



Thanks for all the info. Flashing just the legato image did the trick. I went ahead and re-flashed Release 6 and everything is good to go again. I will be much more careful with my shutdown code going forward :slight_smile: