WP7603-1 Release 7 Audio Issue


I’m having an issue getting audio to work properly on Release 7. When I update the firmware from Release 6 to Release 7 audio works just fine. When I reboot the device audio ceases to function. I’ve listed the steps below and commands to test on both R6 and R7. This command works every time on R6, and then only on first boot on R7.

Is this a known issue with R7?

Step 1) SCP an audio file into /home/root called av-conn.wav
Step 2) microcom /dev/ttyAT
Step 3) AT!AVAUDVOL=8000
Step 4) AT!AVAUDIO=1,1,/home/root/av-conn.wav


We’ll look into this and get back to you next week


I’ve heard back from SW directly. Apparently audio does not work properly in Release 7 and will be fixed in Release 8.