WP7603-1 and mangOH Green


i removed the wp8548 from the Mangoh green development board, and reinstalled the wp7603-1 module, then try to ping it , but failed.

I also installed GenericDriverSetup.exe

Is there any thing that we missed installed?
Please advise, thank you!


What is the firmware version? Can you move to the latest?


Try address… This was a issue with the 7601, so might be the same with yours. If you go to R6, it will correct that issue and the normal will work.
Also, are you running Windows or Linux VM in Windows, or just straight Linux? I found that docker needed to be running to connect to the device, unless I have the device added to connections in the VM.


I installed GenericDriverSetup.exe and WP76xx_Release6_GENERIC_test_EXE.exe ,Try to update to R6, but failed,


I had to do it 2 or 3 times to get it to download and update properly. Make sure you aren’t running anything else other than the updater .exe.


I just went thru an update today. I have two different dual boot Windows 10 laptops. One is an older dual core and the other is the latest i5 7th gen. Strangely both have been used numerous times to update modules using the .exe file. I found today it was impossible to update a module with the older laptop. No way, no how. I tried about 5 or 6 times before I abandoned my efforts on that laptop. I booted the Windows 10 partition on the new laptop and it reflashed the module first time. Not sure if this is indicative of something, but I’ve used both laptops numerous times with success. Today, I saw the exact failure as above and I was able to update it first time on the other laptop. Timing issue?


Try to reinstall the latest driver. This will fix problem for me.