WP 7502 Rollback after dead battery


We are using LiIon cell connected to power the unit.
If MangohRED is disconnected form its accu and connected back everything looks good. But if we use device with low battery and finally let it fully discharged (usually about 3.4V) the MangohRed is rolled back from 18.01 to 16.10 In my case after power re-connection. This rollback does not happens every-time but quite often. Is there a way to prohibit rollbacks entirely? Empty battery is a real world :slight_smile:



After you install your app enter
Update —mark-good
This will prevent rollback


Hi, I am doing by Dev Studio
Is it enough?



I haven’t tried it on dev studio but give it a try and let us know


This is fishy. Even if the system was in probatiin, I don’t think it should rollback from one reset due to power failure.


I can confirm rollback from 18.03 to 18.01 after slowly discharged battery also at WP7702 module. It seems not to be so often as WP7502 but it is here again :frowning: .
Is there some way to prohibit rollbacks?



I think you have a limited time mark system good after install new update. I think it’s 30 minuts.

When I install a new system I use a manual command to mark the system good : update -g

Just after the update.