Working Arduino Example



You can find working code for Arduino at

Here are the steps:
a. Make sure you build system on that is available on using the steps listed
The three critical files that will be installed on the WP module for Arduino are
[running] arduinoBridge -> This talks to dataRouter and sketch running on WP
[running] dataRouter-> This is the data aggregation/sorting app
[running] mqttClient -> mqtt used for data upload to Air Vantage

b. Download the sketch to Atmega chipset using CN330 . Sketch is located in the example folder here:

In the above sketch, we have a number of sensors pushing their data to WP and AV.
The library folder includes the sierra wireless bridge library : (

c. If you want to connect to AV, the application model is located in the mqttapplicationmodel folder.

There are couple of hardware notes that you need to be aware of using Arduino usage. I will post that later.



Thanks Ashish! I was just working about that :slight_smile:



I compiled and installed all the legato apps, they are running fine, and the sketch is also uploaded to the Atmega, but I would simply like to get my sensor data in the WP (accessible in a shell script) without AirVantage. How can I get the sensors data from the SwiBridge.pushxxx() to linux? Do you have some documentation about that?

Other point: is it possible to establish a serial connexion between the Atmega and the WP?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Xavier,
For serial connection, please see the link

For arduino data, your module is already getting the data. Basically, we have the following architecture

arduino sketch (on Arduino) <-> arduino bridge (on WP) <-> data router (on WP) <-> MQTT/LWM2M <-> Cloud

What you need to do is to subscribe to the data router on your legato app.

So basically,
Your app (on WP) <-> data Router.

BTW, if you enter logread -f on the terminal you can see all the data being passed back and forth .



Well, that was really useful! Thanks a lot!