Windows putty: software cause connection abort



I am using mangOH Green board with WP7502 chip now.

Two weeks ago, after I followed the quick start manual, everything works fine. But when I tried to use it today, after I enter “cm data connect &” command, although the board can ping to website, Windows10 system cannot connect through mobile network connection, it always report the error: “Can’t connect to this network Enter an APN & try again”.

After several hours fixing, I still have no idea what is wrong, so I reset everything: reinstall the mango board windows driver, reset the mango board, reinstall putty and reset all windows network settings. However, the new problem comes: I can connect to the mango green board and get information if I type “cm data” “cm radio” or some other commands, but if I run “cm data connect &”, putty would say: “software caused connection abort”. I tried many solutions for putty, but none is working.

Can anyone help me with the problems or give me some suggestions?

PS: I found that even if I try to unlock the SIM with “cm sim enterpin” command, ssh crashes. As I tried on both linux and windows systems, they behave the same, I guess there is something wrong with the board or configuration.

Thank you very much!


Find the reason:
For the problem I cant run “cm sim enterpin” and “cm data connect &”:
USB power supply does not enough for some of the operations, if I use DC power supply, everything is working.

For the problem win10 cant connect to internet through the board:
After I disabled IPv6 and set IPv4 to automatically get IP and DNS, then restart, and everything is working.