wifiWebAp autostart



I’m using WiFi Bluetooth IoT card and able to start wifiWebAP application.

I would like to know how to start this application at system boot and how to initialize wifiWebAp parammeters, or how to initialize Acess Point programmatically?

Could you provide source code or some documentation about this application wifiWebAp?



Source code for the wifiWebAp app

You should be able to modify the wifiWebAp.adef file to change start: manual to start: auto. That will bring up the app on system start, but I believe you would still need to access the configuration web page to set the settings and click the “start” button to enable the access point. If you want the access point to come up automatically, then I think you will need to modify the app (or write a new one). I haven’t worked on that app myself, so I can’t provide any hints on where to start.



Do you have this application source code?



I linked to it in my previous reply.


Thanks a lot for your help!