WiFi to Data fallback / data connection manager

Hello Everyone,
I am using mangOH Yellow with WP7702. I need one info.
Distribution: mangOH-yellow-wp77xx_0.7.0
The built in Legato version on this distribution: 19.11.3-1-g8c030edad_xxxx

I wani to enable a feature where the module automatically does a fallback to data connection when the WiFi is not available (more like our Smartphones).
Is there any such features/service already available under Legato/MangOH code base?

If Yes, where are they located?

If No, then I assume that we have to develop it.
A) Do we need to use the APIs/service of components/dataConnectionService ?
B) Do we have any sample code / open source reference available?

Thanks in Advance.

you can write a bash script to check the wifi wlan0 interface, if it does not have IP address or cannot ping outside, then you can start data connection like “cm data connect &”

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It seems that in latest Legato and Yellow software the USI Cypress WIFI module is not enabled at all. There is no platform adapter available and I am not sue if it works over wlan0 or wlan1. (Though the BT works, using hcitool).
The given ReadMe steps do not work either (commands and patches are outdated).
It seems that the cywifi or cywifi.sh script is it self missing fromt the code base.

Any idea on how to enable this on the Yellow board?
Do we have to use some older version? Which one is the last working version?

| wifiService[1849] | /legato/systems/current/apps/wifiService/read-only/pa_wifi:
| wifiService[1849] | line 194:
| wifiService[1849] | /etc/init.d/cywifi: not found
| wifiService[1849] |
| wifiService[1849] | /legato/systems/current/apps/wifiService/read-only/pa_wifi:
| wifiService[1849] | line 194:
| wifiService[1849] | /etc/init.d/cywifi: not found