Wifi on MangOH_RED not works


when will the Wifi on MangOH_RED be supported?

Mt7697wifi kernel module source

It is supported for WP76 right now. If you would like to try we can provide instructions.


Hello Ashish

I’m interrested about WIFI test with WP76.




Do you have plans or a timeline to support the WP75?

I was able to get close to having it working myself a while back, but decided just to wait for official support before going deeper.

If you have no plans to support the WP75 anytime soon I may need to revisit that thread.


Hi John,

For WP75 support, you need to rebuild Yocto. For WP76, all required yocto changes are prebuilt.



In my previous thread, I tried rebuilding Yocto (kernel/rootfs images + toolchain) in order to add some missing kernel configuration options (listed here), but kept getting kernel panics at the kernel call to register_netdevice here.

Do you know if there are any plans for an official WP75 firmware release with the config needed to support the Red WiFi?


I am not aware of the official WP75 firmware release plans but will ask internally.


Next version with mangoh red support on wp75 is scheduled for end of may. You can get WP76 with support for built in wifi now.


Thank you for confirming that official support of mangOH Red MT7697 WiFi on the WP75 is scheduled for the end of May.

It looks like I’ll need to delve back into Yocto if I need it before then.


Hi Ashish

I would like to try WIFI test on WP76, could you share instructions to me?



Hello Asyal,

Could you share the wifi instructions for WP76/WP77
Thanks a lot.


Here is a dropbox link with the document and software. Note this is a temporary doc and will go through the standard documentation to look more clean and be error free. you can use this till that time.


No way for wp8548??


Not unless you rebuild Yocto . it is would be better to wait for next release of WP85 fw or use WP76.


When will the next WP85 firmware be released?


I was told end of May


Hi Asyal,
Thanks for the document. Could you re-confirm , have you uploaded required files in to Dropbox ? (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xc5nipi7yi2nhua/AAAGQCsKRCk8RZwqlGheVQpaa?dl=0)

I am unable to find "LinkIt_SDK_V4.3.0_public.7z " named folder/zip file in the downloaded folder. Also some other files.

Thanks and Regards
Sreejith KK


Please attend the google hangout today as we will walk you through


Hi Asyal,
Can you share the google hangout joining link ? I couldn’t see the link anywhere.

Thanks and Regards
Sreejith KK