Wifi driver yellow

Hi i build yocto from source. Make firmware by cwetool. it’s all installed on the board (mangoh yellow )and even works. But wifi and bluetooth dont’ work.

i find some text in readme:
Porting details

  • We have kept this as a sub-system driver and not integrated with the Legato Kernel
    Module Build Architecture such that newer quarterly releases from the
    Cypress Developers can be upgraded to. Thus, it is using preBuilt modules.

So i understand that i should insert cypress wifi driver into legato?

please explain me, how can i do it?


You can see here on getting the yocto source

yes we add files form here GitHub - mangOH/meta-mangoh: meta-mangoh Yocto layer for WP77xx and WP76xx

hello. We want reduce time of booting. and have some questions:

  1. [ 0.243768] msm_thermal:msm_thermal_dev_probe Failed reading node=/soc/qcom,msm-thermal, key=qcom,online-hotplug-core. err:-517
    [ 0.271879] msm_mpm_dev_probe(): Cannot get clk resource for XO: -517
    [ 0.274885] msm_thermal:get_kernel_cluster_info CPU0 topology not initialized.
    [ 0.275785] cpu cpu0: dev_pm_opp_get_opp_count: device OPP not found (-19)
    [ 0.275801] msm_thermal:get_cpu_freq_plan_len Error reading CPU0 freq table len. error:-19
    [ 0.276539] cpu cpu0: dev_pm_opp_get_opp_count: device OPP not found (-19)
    [ 0.276556] msm_thermal:get_cpu_freq_plan_len Error reading CPU0 freq table len. error:-19
    Why do we have this error, and how can we do thermal management of the device?

  2. [ 1.342268] mdm9607-asoc-snd soc:sound-wm8944: Defering mdm_asoc_machine_probe, q6_state 0
    Is it related to sound driver and how can we disable it if we don’t use any sound on the device?

  3. Rootfs mount takes more than 4 seconds. How can we improve it

  4. We have following output while mounting filesystems. Does it point to any issue?
    Mounting local filesystems…
    [ 10.573338] UBIFS error (pid: 617): cannot open “ubi0:usrfs”, error -19mount: mounting ubi0:usrfs on /usr failed: No such device
    5.Do you have any other recommendations regarding optimizing boot sequence times?

You can compare the boot time to the official WP76 FW, if it has similar timing, then I think it is already optimized.