WiFi adapters compatible with the WP Series

I am trying to turn the MangOH into a wireless access point by transmitting WiFi from the board. However, I do not know which modules will work with the MangOH.

In other words, I want to narrow down the options from here: Digikey link; so that i can figure out which ones I should consider purchasing.

Has anyone gotten a WiFi module to work with the MangOH? Whether it is one that would have to be soldered into a breakout board or a usb WiFi adapter.

Any sort of help or guidance would be great. Thanks!

We showed the demo at the innovation summit this week.
We plan to do some code cleanup and release it by July 15 along with complete tutorial.


Do you have a link to a video of that demo?

We are working on that. It is with the media company. Will be posted at Sierra’s YouTube channel with a number of other videos.

Hello Ashish,

When can we order the Wifi/Bluetooth add on card? I guess without it, we won’t be able to do much.


Have you looked at this: Wifi USB Ralink 802.11 n WLAN 1.0 ?

sorry, I missed that.
Still, I would like to have builtin wifi if possible so looking forward to receiving the wifi/bluetooth add on board