WiFi Access using WiFi IoT board - for overall board not app specific



I am looking to get my mangOH Green online to be able to test the AirVantage demo but I do not have a SIM card that works with the mangOH board. I was hoping to be able to test this with the WiFi card I have. Is this possible and if so how would I go about doing so.



Hi Kas,

As of now, you cant access Air Vantage through the mangOH board. However, in 17.01 or 17.04 release of Legato, you will be able to do so.



Thank you Ashish, is there a timeline for 17.01 - 17.04 ?



17.01 is sometime Feb
17.04 is sometime Apr/May


Thank you. Hopefully Wind Mobile / Freedom Mobile will have their network changed over before then as they’re planning a January 2017 upgrade for parts of Ontario and B.C or I’ll get a different SIM card. Either way I hope to have a way to get this working very soon. :slight_smile: