When can we get MangOH from element14



Great job with MangOH. It was written on the webpage that MangOH would be available in March from element14. Will it be around the end of March or anytime this week :slight_smile:
Also, can you please ruin the surprise and give a tip around the price range :slight_smile:

thanks for your help


Hello folks,

During the webinar it was told that MangOH will be available in two weeks from Element14. No information about the price though :confused:



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Hey there,

Indeed, Element14 have already open the webpage… and is already out of stock! More units are being manufactured currently and should be available early April.



oh shoot! seems like I already missed it :confused:

Just placed my order. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it early April.

Thanks so much for the heads up Thibault.

have a nice sunday :slight_smile: