VPN Client on Legato


Hello everyone,

I have a question. It is possible to run VPN Client on legato?
For a project, I need a VPN connection from MangoH or FX30 to VPN server!


It should definitely be possible, but I haven’t done it yet myself. You will probably have to build the VPN client to deploy onto the device. Do you know which type of VPN server you want to connect to? Also, do you know which network interface you want to connect to the VPN over?


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yes it is, we have added openvpn and strongswan from standard bitbake recipes, they both buiild and work fine.


@russelgill. That’s a specific VPN provider. This question relates more to VPN technology. As @dingo mentioned, the best way to achieve this is by modifying the yocto build to include openvpn or strongswan.


i could and should write something that can be added / shared as a howto


Dear @dingo. Any chance you got round to do this howto?


you trying to do openvpn or wireguard on it ? theres bitbake recipes for both now


Thanks mate. But we’re talking about an absolute noob here.
So, I was really hoping that you had made something.


do you simply need an image? with openvpn on it ?


Hi again @dingo, right now that would be just great.

At some point, I’m sure I will need to build the image myself, but an image would definitely speed up my proof of concept significantly.

Do you have one that you can share?


mango red or green ?


mangOH Green or FX30


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