VM setup MangOH red

Hi everyone,
I am trying to setup a device working with legato and a mangOH extension card. I am following the tutorial for setting up my environment before being able to program my device: http://mangoh.io/uploaded-documents/Reference/mangOH%20Red/Discover/Getting%20Started/mangOH%20Red%20GSG%20-%20Windows%20R2/#t=41112261_mangOH_Red_GSG_-_HTML5%2F41112261_PrepMangoh%2F41112261_PrepMangoh.htm%23XREF_22697_Prepare_your
Unfortunately altough I managed to setup my VM, I cant get pass the “cfglegato” command. I get the “cfglegato: command not found” response from the machine. Anyone already experienced this kind of problem?

Thanks a lot folks!

seems same issue:

The mangOH Red getting started has just seen extensive updates within the last week. Please see the new version linked from here: https://mangoh.io/mangoh-red-resources-getting-started