VM issues to flash wp7702 [solved]


Hi, I am on a Oracle VM runing Ubuntu 18.04. I tried to swiflash -m “wp77xx” -r to restore the Linux root filesystem but it won’t work from the VM. Using the swiflash -m “wp77xx” with the downloaded spk doesn’t work either. And neither does from the Developer Studio. Although I managed to install the SWI9X06Y_02.14.04.00 firmware from the windows command line this doesn’t fix the thing. I wonder if working from a Linux machine to flash it is a must. Any help to shed light on the best path forward will be very welcome and appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile: .
Marc Farssac



Finally I managed to upgrade my firmware from the Developer Studio within the VM. Not sure why it still doesn’t work from the command line. I’ll give it another try some time latter. Probably some user privileges’ relatted stuff.