Using USB IOT to conect to another device

Hello all,

I made a small modification to one of my Red’s. I modified the Raspberry connector, routing the D+/D- signals of the USB_IOT. I need to connect to another microcontroller.

Could anyone provide me a hint about how to activate that connection? I have already tested, but seems that when connecting that USB port to a USB on a linux machine, nothing happens.

I’m unsure if I have to also connect the V_IOT signal, or just leave the VBUS pin unconnected.
Moreover, do I need to further configure the HSIC hub?

Thanks a lot.
Stay safe.

Did you remove the R366 and R365 and add R367 and R368 in the Raspberry connector?

BTW, suggest you using the pin2 and pin 3 of IOT connector CN306 directly.

Yes, that exactly what we did.
It is more convenient for us to use the Raspberry connector.

The question is whether we should do any kernel modification, or if we connect a USB device, it should get indexed right away?
Right now we are not getting any result (we are double-checking from the electrical point of view).


Actually you should try the USB host connector first.
This connector should be working with USB thumb drive.

Ok, will start with this and see what happens.

Back from a few days of vacations I tested a number of things.

First, I checked a USB pen and it worked.

Then, I checked the modification we implemented on the USB_IOT connection. I’m trying to connect that USB port directly to a PC. For this connection I’m using a modified USB cable with its end modified to connect to the raspberry connector. No results seen from the dmesg command.

From there I tried you suggestion to use the IOT connector. I soldered a USB cable to the IOT breakout board and tested and retested the continuity of the connections.

No response so far.

What I’m doing wrong?? Any idea?


How about USB host connector to raspberry pi?

Can I connect two usb hosts? One on the mangoh red and the other on the rasp?
The rasp4 has 4 usb, two USB2 host and two USB3 host.

You might try with usb hub