Using GPIO service in new leaf version

I am developing mangoh yellow with wp77xx (swi-wp77_3,4,0 leaf version)

It used to be used using the le_gpioPin42_SetInput() function. But it doesn’t work now.

If I use le_gpioPin42_SetInput() now, the log window recommends that you use gpio_SetInput(). However, API references to gpio_SetInput() are nowhere to be found. Where can I use gpio api?

My goal is to use rs-232 to send the serial value to a device, and I’m using IOT#0 gpio to do that. If you have a good approach, please let me know.

The test that I am going to do now is simply to connect IOT#0 and mangoh yellow and give output to 24pin (= gpio42 ) of IOT#0 to turn on the lead.