Using external APIs

I have a mangOH yellow that I set up using these instructions:

Now, I am trying to interface with the existing apps on the device, like DataHub and the environmental sensor. It seems like I can’t compile my app with the bindings referencing the external API. I get an error that the server API does not exist.

I also tried adding “#include 'yellow.sdef” to bundle the yellow sdef with mine. I then hit an error
“fatal error: bsec_interface.h: No such file or directory”
It seems that trying to compile the yellow system outside using the “make yellow” command in leaf shell does not work.

So, then I tried compiling just my app alone. It seemed to compile and install on the device, however the API calls aren’t actually doing anything. The component that connects to the API doesn’t seem to be failing to run, but it it isn’t doing anything else either.

Anyone know what the trick to using external APIs is?

Can you attach an example to reproduce this issue?

Do you mean a hello world app cannot have a IPC communication with datahub app?

Lets say you tried to load a hello world app that uses DataHub. If you build and install it separately, after DataHub is already installed, it does not seem to interface properly.

Can you attach a helloworld sample?
I have mangoh red board running datahub