Using an HLxxxx module on mangoh green?



I don’t find this in the information about the mangoh green.
Regarding IoT modules the mangoh green documentation only seems to recommend WPxxxx modules.

However, does anybody know if it is possible to use an HLxxxx module, (which seems to be pre-certified which is what I am looking for)?

And in that case is another module needed as well, as the application processor seems to be outside on the HLxxxx archtechture images (to be able to pre-certify the module I guess), or is an programmable appplication processor present on HL-series as well?


Hi yorgas,
Yes, we can use HL on mangOH board.
And already several discussion on this forum, i.e.

About application processor, you are correct HL does not support it.
But as you are using MangOH green, maybe you can make use the ATmega on MangOH green.

Set CN307 pin 6 to ON position to bridge HL UART1 and Atmega so you can run your application inside Atmega and to control HL.
Please refer to developer guide for details.

Hope it helps.