User Partition is not formatted in UBFIS



I am working o get what I would assume is a simple project to run on the MangOH Green board. Unfortunitly I am having a number of issues. The first one I need to cross is this error message “User Partition is not formatted in UBFIS”. The error gives me an option to run a recovery wizard which exits with 8.

[Thu, 3 Nov 2016 18:55:11 +0100] /home/legato/legato/packages/legato.recovery.3.3.16.r3670.linux-201605181610/resources/swiflash -i /home/legato/legato/packages/legato.device.image. -m WP85XX
Access rule for Sierra Wireless modem seems to not be installed on your system.
This should disturb swiflash when trying to manage the device state.
You should install this rule with the following commands:
sudo cp /home/legato/legato/packages/legato.recovery.3.3.16.r3670.linux-201605181610/resources/99-sierrawireless-modem.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
sudo service udev restart
Then, if your device is already plugged through USB, you will need to power cycle it.

Use -f option to bypass this check.

Process exited with 8

How do I resolve this issue so that I may progress with my development.