USB-LAN interface not stable


The LAN over USB interface on my computer is not stable.
I can’t understand why I lose the connexion @ (no ping, no ssh nothing!) some minutes after boot.
I can connect by ssh to themangoh, and after 2 ou 2 minutes, the link is down.
I remove my application, but the issues is still here.
But, the target is always running, and the console over tty (USB serail console on the 2nd USB) is still OK.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks for your feedback



Do you see the serial ports going down and then up again on your Windows machine?
Or does the network interface go down for some time?

My experience is that usually it is a conflict on the PC either with another driver (or another version of the driver), or with a PC network configuration (like a VPN or AD, etc.).



The system is stable now.
After a major Windows 10 update, the LAN over USB connexion is stable