Upgrade the module mangoH CATM1 Sierra Wireless WP7702

Can anyone help to know how to upgard the module CATM1 Sierra Wireless WP7702 ?
Thank you.

you can use the .exe file here:

I am using this module for test LTE-M from France.
which one should I use ?
[R13 (Generic — GCF)]
[R13 (Generic — PTCRB)
[R13 (AT&T)]
[R13 (Deutsche Telekom)]
[R13 (Sierra Wireless — GCF)]
[R13 (T-Mobile US)]
[R13 (Verizon)]

it will upgrade the module ?

I have no idea as I never tried LTE-M in france.
You can try the Generic FW first.


Last week, i’ve installed the [R13 (Generic — GCF)] on my mangOH Red 7702 and it work fine with Orange LTEM Sim card in France.
I’ve compiled and installed the mangoh/mangoh source with the leaf swi-wp77_4.0.0.