Updating legato (Green and Red)


I’ve been trying to update my Legato and three of my boards (2-Green, 1-Red) but I’ve been having issues, these are my steps, issues and resolutions. Updating the firmware on the boards went smoothly. I downloaded the firmware, connected the boards and ran the update with no issue. Its the next steps that don’t seem to be working so well.

I downloaded the latest Legato Release with no issue. I then decompressed the files (tar -vxjf legato-18.04.0.tar.bz2) and moved them to the Legato framework directory (mv ~/Downloads/legato-18.04.0 ~/legato_framework/
). At his point my understanding is I’m supposed to rename the old file something else (legato -> legato_old) and then the new one (legato-18.04.0 -> legato). The first issue here is that when you run “make wp85” in the legato folder you get an unidentified version.

mangoh@mangoh-virtualbox:~/legato_framework/legato$ make wp85
Module: WiFi
modules/WiFi/moduleDefs:14: Legato WiFi version is undefined…
********************* VERSION ********************
Legato WiFi version: UNDEFINED

Module: Dualsys

Instead of what was previously output.

mangoh@mangoh-virtualbox:~/legato_framework/legato$ make wp85
Module: WiFi
********************* VERSION ********************
Legato WiFi version: 17.07.0

Module: Dualsys

Since this did not seem to be a big deal I ignored teh issue and moved forward.

The next issue is really an error, when you move to compile legato for the separate boards the command “~/mangOH$ make green_wp85” produces the error:

mksys -t wp85 --object-dir=build/green_wp85 --output-dir=build/update_files/green mangOH.sdef
/home/mangoh/mangOH/apps/Heartbeat/heartbeatGreen.adef:26:33: error: Client interface ‘mangoh_button’ not found in component ‘heartbeatComponent’ in executable ‘heartbeat’.
Makefile:39: recipe for target ‘green_wp85’ failed
make: *** [green_wp85] Error 1

Doing the same for the red (~/mangOH$ make red_wp85) does not produce any error. If the heartbeatGreen is removed from the SDEF then there is no longer an issue. The final step “~/mangOH$ instsys mangOH_Green.wp85.update” worked well on the green once the hearbeatGreen has been commented out in the SDEF.

I hope this help those who have had similar issues and where not sure how to proceed.

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