Update meta-mangoh layer

Are there any plans to update the meta-mangoh layer to make it compatible with new releases?

what do you actually need from the meta-mangoh layer?

I am trying to get wifi working on the mangoh yellow.
It would work a little bit with firmware release 0.7, but was really buggy.
I am trying to get it working with the latest firmware release for the wp77xx - 15.1.

The documentation is really sparse, but my understanding was that I needed the meta-mangoh layer to get wifi working.
The confusing thing is that there are two meta-mangoh layers, one on sierra wireless git and one on the mangoh git.

What would be great is some updated documentation.
I can see that there are a lot of new bits and pieces in the updated linux source, with new layers added.
Is there a new set of instructions to get wifi working on the mangoh yellow?

so does it work on this GitHub - mangOH/meta-mangoh: meta-mangoh Yocto layer for WP77xx and WP76xx

That does not work.

I am in the process of trying to make it work, but my experience is limited.
There are a bunch of incompatible recipes and patches in that layer.
I am still trying, but I haven’t gotten anything to work just yet.

i don’t quite see there is plan to update that layer, you might need to use release 0.7

There are too many issues with that firmware, so it isn’t really an option.
I will press on. A bit disappointing though.