Unexpected automatic firmware upgrade



I noticed that my Mangoh Red got automatically upgraded to a version that does not contain my custom app.

To be more precise, I developed my own app and flashed the mangoh Red with this firmware.
With app status I can see my app in the list.
legato status returns:

Systems installed:
156 [good] <-- current
Legato framework is running.

I let the device run on the battery until it gets fully discharged (takes ~10 hours)
The next day I power up the device with USB cable.
After the device fully boots I see with legato status that the firmware has been upgraded

Systems installed:
157 [good] <-- current
Legato framework is running.

And my custom app is not listed in the app status list (as well as other apps that were previously there by default in my build)

Is there some kind of automatic firmware upgrades? How can I disable it?



Legato will rollback to a previous version if the current version is found to be unstable during the probation time. Does your app have stability issues? You can run update --mark-good to mark the current system good and prevent rollback.


Hi David,

I already tried the update --mark-good and it did not help.
The fact that I see 156 [good] <-- current initially means that this firmware is already considered as good, isn’t it?

Also if this was a rollback shouldn’t the firmware version decrease instead of increasing?

As fas as I know my app does not have stability issues.
However I see a lot of reboots and corrupted console logs when the battery is almost empty as well as when I plug the USB cable back on the board.

Thanks for you help,


Sorry, I missed the [good] in the output in your previous message. I think it’s still possible for a rollback to the “golden” system to happen even if the current system is marked good. Did the battery go flat and then it rolled back when you applied power again? I wonder if it’s rebooting rapidly due to brown out.


Yes, exactly, the battery went flat and it rolled back when I applied power again.

Is there a way to prevent the rollback?


You might want to ask on the Legato forum since they implemented the rollback logic. I’m not up to date on the specifics of it.


Thanks David,
I opened this ticket on the legato forum.