Unable to send out SMS messages

I have been testing sending sms messages via cm sms send, I use my cell number as Dest number but I didn’t got any text from the module.

How can I check out the log for the failure?
BTW, the cell number is a Canada cell number

Thank you in advance!

you can try with AT command:



Also you can try with other SIM card and see if this is SIM card dependent.

AT+CMGF=1 returns OK
However, AT+CMGS=“123456” returns CMS error 350

Here says CMS ERRO R350 is a rejection of the message by the provider.

Suggest you to try with other SIM card to double confirm.

I think I got both cm command and at command indicated that the sms has been successfully sent,


but I didn’t get any text on my cell phone, any ideas?

Why does this time no CMS error 350?

I think it might because I specified +1 country code in front

Can you put the sim card in mobile phone and see if it can send sms?


ERROR 350 is one of those catch all errors which is not very deterministic as to where the issue might

So the above says you are on an M1 network, it is very hit and miss as to whether the connected network supports or will route SMS successfully. Couple of things to look at.

  • Assuming this is a Sierra SIM then check the portal out to see if you can see SMS’s have gone. If its not a Sierra SIM use the other operators portal to check to see if it made it to the core network. The +CMGS response oinly indicates that the layer 3 signalling completed, not that the SMS has gone through the whole system.
  • Push the unit back to 2G and send the SMS, if it does not work on 2G then you do have a problem.