Unable to retrive the mangoh green WP7603


I installed the windows USB driver for 7603 and then firmware for 7603 but it is not working. I cannot even ping to the

how do I recover my board?

I had this working all the way for last 6 months and now, I cannot talk to it. Any sugggestions?


Can you pull up pin 7 of SW401 up and redo firmware upload?


I was able to bring it up and ping on other windows machine. The other windows machine doesn’t have vm, hence cannot use it. but on the original machine, I removed/installed driver multiple times but it is not letting the ping to successfull or it is not allowing to upgrade firmware either.

Don’t know how to go from there.


Where did you get your module from? Was it PRI’ed for ATT?


What is PRI’ed ? I got it from Sierra wireless vendor, it has ATT simcard hence flashed the firmware for ATT.